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EFT Tapping

for Single Moms 


Many single moms struggle through each day feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and powerless!

Using EFT Tapping and The Empowerment Process, I help single moms reduce stress, overcome self limiting beliefs, and heal their past so they can feel calm, confident, and empowered to live the life they truly want!

What is EFT Tapping?

Tapping, also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques, combines the principles of Chinese acupuncture and modern psychology. It can be thought of as emotional acupuncture without the needles.

We stimulate these acupuncture points by tapping on them with our fingers while focusing on the negative emotion, memory, or belief. This remarkably simple technique reduces stress and has a calming effect on the survival "fight or flight" areas of the brain. 

Our mental health and physical health are greatly impacted by stress. By reducing stress and calming the nervous system we are able to address many issues that are caused from our current stress and intense emotions, as well as the unresolved stress and emotions from past memories and the stress, worry, and limiting-beliefs around the future.

EFT Tapping is an incredible simple self-applied technique that truly empowers us to take back control of our lives again. 

What is EFT Tapping used for?

Tapping is so effective at reducing stress and it takes us out of survival mode which allows us to be happier, more present, make better decisions, increases productivity, improves our interactions and relationships with others. Reducing our stress on a daily basis improves the overall quality of our life and improves our health and wellbeing in so many ways. 

Along with reducing current stress, EFT Tapping allows us let go and release things we are still holding onto from our past, it helps us over come phobias and fears, and it empowers us to break through self limiting beliefs. They say that we operate from our subconscious mind 90 - 95% of the time, which means that the experiences from our past that have contributed to our fears and our self-limiting beliefs are essentially running our lives. This is why is can be so challenging to make changes in our lives. 

Research has shown the remarkable and positive effects of Tapping on PTSD, anxiety, depression and phobias, as well as chronic pain and fatigue. It has helped people to quit smoking and to lose weight. For more information on some of the research click here or use the Research tab at the top of the page.

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Tapping Lowers Cortisol

Cortisol is a stress hormone and overexposure to stress hormones, including cortisol, can cause trouble within almost all your body's processes, increasing your risk of weight gain, sleep problems, and anxiety. It lowers our immune systems and can cause digestive issues. Stress effects every aspect of our well being so being able to lower stress and the hormones it creates in our body is so important to our health and happiness. 

Research has been done that shows EFT Tapping to decrease Cortisol Levels in the body by 43% after only 60 minutes of tapping. This is significant research that shows the power effects Tapping can have on our lives. 

Here is the link to the full study abstract of the study done by Dr. Peta Stapleton.

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How EFT Tapping Changed My Life

Tapping empowered me to take control of my life again. I use tapping daily to keep my stress levels down so I can feel calm, confident and empowered. Keeping my stress levels down helps me to stay our of fight or flight mode which allows me to use my creative problem solving brain, it allows me to choose my actions in any situation and not just react, I am more productive and I feel more joy. My over all well being is so much better when I use Tapping daily and keep my stress levels down. 

Tapping has helped me to heal so many things from my past.  By clearing away the emotional charge attached to past memories I am able to make decision based on my current thoughts and feelings and not the emotions from my past. When we are holding on to the emotions of our past they influence the thought and decisions we make today. So essentially, if we are still carrying emotions from our past, our past is creating our future. Being free from all those emotions from my past is so incredibly empowering! 

In my work with Tapping I have worked A LOT to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Sometimes it can be a challenge to find the root cause of a self-limiting belief. I use a number of other tools along side Tapping to help me to become clear on what my self-limiting beliefs are and where they came from. By finding the root cause I have been able to work through the layers of experiences and emotions to overcome the self-limiting belief. I still continue to discover more limiting beliefs but having Tapping gives me the confidence to know that I can overcome them. 

One of the most incredible ways Tapping has changed my life is that I was inspired to share Tapping with other single moms. The journey of becoming The Tapping Mama has been the most Transformational. The learning and the growth I have gone through since starting this journey is life changing beyond what I could have ever imagined. Lets just say I have done A LOT of Tapping since I started the journey! And I have felt more joy and fulfillment than ever before! 

The 5 Stages of The Empowerment Process

The Empowerment Process is a 5 Stage Process that we use in The Tapping Mamas Empowerment Community and it guides you from being the stressed, overwhelmed single mom to the calm, confident, and empowered single mom. 

The first stage of The Empowerment Process is Clarity. First you need to get clear on where you are and where you actually want to be. Having clarity gives you the drive and passion to be committed. The tools and techniques you use for personal growth and healing are only as good as your commitment to them. In order to make any kind of change in life you need to commit to showing up and doing the work to get the results you are wanting. When you are willing to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and make a commitment to yourself, you can then create real transformation.  Getting clear on "Your Why" gives you the motivation and determination to stay committed. So clarity has to be the first step in making any kind of change. 

The next stage is Relief. In this stage you use a number of different tools and strategies to create a daily tapping ritual. Tapping daily allows you to minimize your stress and overwhelm and gives you relief from what you are feeling in the moment. This allows you to go through your day feeling calm, relax, and empowered. 

The third stage of The Empowerment Process is Healing. This is where you heal your past by releasing the emotional charge still attached to past memories. By clearing the emotions of your past you can then move forward free to think new thoughts and make new decisions without the influence of what you are carrying from your past. 

Next is the Growth stage. This is where you work with affirmations, journaling and other tools to help you discover the root of self limiting beliefs and fears and phobias. This allows you to work through the layers of self limiting beliefs and release them so you can create new empowering beliefs. In this stage you also work through and release any shame and guilt that you are carrying.  

And the final stage is Create. Here you start to work to build the life you truly want. Working with goal setting, visualization, meditation and other tools to start creating the life you really want by focusing on how you feel now and living from the emotions of your future and not from your past. You use tapping to clear away any blocks that come up that are holding you back and shift you into living your best life. 

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Selena Murillo

I have been using (EFT Tapping) with Vicki for 2 months.  The last few years of my life have been filled with many transitions, including physical and emotional health challenges.  A few years ago I became ill and have been dealing with various health issues since.  Vicki has coached and tapped with me on both my physical and emotional health. Tapping with Vicki got me in touch with past family issues as well as critical challenges I have faced in relationships (all linked to my emotional and physical body). 

Vicki is truly amazing. In just one session, I was able to deal with some very specific emotional pain and in another, from feeling very unwell physically, to neutral. I went from 'highly charged' to 'barely there'! Vicki has a way of tapping me out of pain and into enlightenment. 

Thank you Vicki, I am so very grateful!!