Meet Vicki

‚ÄčMy name is Vicki Michelle Pratt and I am a single mom of 2 kids. I have a 18 year old daughter and a 13 year old son.

I became a single mom 11 years ago when I left a very unhealthy marriage. I knew it was going to be hard to be all on my own with 2 kids but I knew it would be better than staying.

I was determined to make a good life for my kids. I moved to a nice little town with a good school, I worked hard, I had big dreams. But I could not break free of the stress and overwhelm of being a single mom. I couldn’t get past my limiting beliefs and mental blocks that kept me stuck.

I read books on personal development, I went to workshops to learn and grow, I explored different spiritual paths. I learned a lot about myself and why I was feeling so stuck in my life. I felt like I developed an awareness of my issues and what was holding me back but I still didn’t have the tools to move past it all and heal. And with the stress and overwhelm of being a single mom I felt like I was always at the edge of my threshold of what I could handle.

About 10 years ago I learned about an energy healing tool called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as tapping. I used it on and off for about 6 years but I was never consistent with it. I felt the benefits but being a busy mom was a good excuse for me to not use it like I needed to.

Then about 4 years ago I made a decision that I was done living my life in a constant state of overwhelm, I decided that I wanted my life to be different. I wanted to be free of the self doubt and limiting beliefs. So I stopped making excuses and I made a commitment to myself! I hired a tapping coach and committed to working with him for 6 months. This was the BEST decision I have ever made, it completely transformed my life!

At first I didn’t know how I was going to fit in weekly sessions with my tapping coach. But I just knew I had to make it a priority and make the time. After a few months I started to really feel the benefits and I knew if I tapped more often I would get even better results so I started tapping on my own between my weekly sessions with my coach.

I tapped on everything. I tapped on any memories that still had an emotional charge to it including many childhood memories, I tapped on many issues and emotions I had from being in a relationship with a narcissist and incredibly, I was able to heal things I never imagined I would be able to. I tapped on self limiting beliefs and limitations which has changed my life in so many ways.

Tapping has been the tool that has allowed me to finally work through, let go of and heal so many of the things that had been keeping me stuck. I still use tapping daily for so many different things. When I start to feel overwhelmed with life and all of the things that I need to do, I tap. When I think of a memory that still holds an emotional charge to it, I tap. When I feel nervous or a bit anxious about something, I tap. When I hear that voice in my head criticizing myself or doubting myself, I tap. When I feel a headache coming on, I tap.

Tapping has been an absolute blessing for me and I find it hard to express how grateful I feel to have found it. It has changed my life beyond what I imagined and now I want to share it with other single moms so they can experience the incredible benefits that I have. One day, while I was tapping, a thought just popped into my head that I should write a book on tapping for single moms.

And so the journey began. I got my certification as an EFT Practitioner and I started to write. The book has transformed into so much more. The vision has become an online community where single moms can access tons of tapping resources designed specifically for single moms and where we can come together to share our experiences, support each other and work together to help each other heal, grow and transform using this incredible tool.

This vision has come from experiencing incredible transformation myself, from wanting to share it with other single moms and wanting to make it as accessible to as many single moms as possible. Hiring an EFT coach for 6 months is financially not an option for many single moms. I made a great sacrifice in order to get the money together to hire a coach and I wouldn’t change that for anything but I want other single moms to have access to the tapping resources they need and to the support of a community of other single moms sharing the journey without creating more financial stress in their lives.

The Vision….. The “Tapping Mamas” Community and Membership!


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