What is EFT Tapping, What Can We Use It For and Why I Fell Completely in Love With It


(This Blog is taken from the transcript of Episode #2 Podcast, if you would prefer to listen to the podcast you can find Episode #2 at www.thetappingmama.com/podcast)

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT is short for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a form of energy healing that combines modern psychology principles with Ancient Chinese Acupuncture. It is often referred to as emotional acupuncture without the needles. You will also often hear it referred to as Tapping because we use our fingertips to tap on acupuncture points on the face and the body while focusing on the negative emotion, memory or belief. 

Tapping reduces stress and has a calming effect on the survival area of the brain. When we are stressed the survival part of our brain is activated and other areas of our body shut down, like digestion, detox, creative thinking and problem solving, and it increases stress hormones in our body which can also have a very negative effect on our health. 

What can EFT Tapping be used for?

Research has shown that Tapping can reduce Cortisol in the body by 43%. You will find the link to this research in the show notes below. Because Tapping is so effective at reducing stress in the body it takes us out of survival mode. Not only is this beneficial to our physical health but it also allows us to feel happier, be more present, make better decisions, increase productivity, and it improves our interactions and relationships with others. Reducing our stress on a daily basis improves the overall quality of our life and improves our health and wellbeing in so many ways.

Along with reducing our current stress, EFT Tapping allows us to let go and release things from our past that we are still holding on to. Think of a past memory that still holds an emotional charge to it when you think about it. Do you have a memory from your childhood that still holds emotion?  How long have you been carrying those emotions? How long have those emotions been influencing your thoughts and decisions?  We can clear this emotional charge from our memories by tapping on the details of the memory and on the emotions you are still feeling. Imagine how freeing and empowering it would be for you to not be carrying around all these emotions from the past. Every decision we make comes from the thoughts we think and the thoughts we think are influenced by our feelings. If we are carrying all these emotions from our past, our past is greatly influencing the thoughts we think and the decisions we make. Clearing away the emotions attached to past memories allows us to be more conscious in the thoughts we choose to think and the decisions we make which ultimately create our future. If we don’t clear the emotions from our past memories, our past is creating our future. 

Tapping also is great for overcoming fears and phobias. Any kind of fear such as fear of flying, fear of water, fear of spiders, these kinds of fears can all be greatly reduced and eliminated using Tapping. Often we just need to find the root cause or the earliest experience that contributed to the fear and Tap to clear that. It could be an experience from childhood, or even things we have been told. And if we don’t know the root cause of it, there are ways to work with tapping to work down through the layers that will help clear the fear, it can take a little longer when we don’t know the root cause but with persistence it can be cleared.

Self limiting beliefs are also something that we use Tapping for. Again self limiting beliefs usually have a root cause as well. They can come from one experience or often then come from a series of experiences that lead to the belief. Going back to the earliest memory of feeling a certain way is the best place to start when working on self limiting beliefs. For an example, if you have a belief that you are not worthy of love, you will want to tap on specific memories where you felt unloved or not worthy of love. If you start with the earliest memories and then work forward tapping on one memory at a time, eventually any emotional charge to the more recent memories will just dissolve. This is called the Generalization effect. If you don’t know the root cause or if you don’t remember where this belief came from, you can tap more generally on the self limiting belief itself and often you will get some insight into where the belief comes from or what you need to tap on next. 

Do you ever wonder why it is so hard to make change in our lives? Have you ever read a really great book or done an incredible workshop and thought, this is it, this is the information I have been waiting for. I am finally going to be able to break free of my old patterns and habits. Only to find that within a very short period of time you are living each day just as you did before the book or the workshop. That things haven’t really changed much at all. Don’t beat yourself up about it, there is a good reason for this.  Neuroscience tells us that we operate from our subconscious mind 90 - 95 % of the time. And most of our subconscious mind was programmed before age 7. All of our past experiences, especially if they still hold an emotional charge to them, are running our subconscious mind which is where we operate most of the time. 

By tapping on and clearing memories of the past and rewiring the mind with new thoughts and emotions we can change the filters of our subconscious mind. By reprogramming the subconscious mind with the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that we really want, it will serve us in creating the life that we truly want. 

To finish off what Tapping can be used for. The research has shown that Tapping has remarkable and positive effects on PTSD, anxiety, depression and phobias, as well as Chronic pain and fatigue. It has helped people to quit smoking and to reduce food cravings and lose weight. You can find links to some of the research on my website www.thetappingmama.com/research.  I do not diagnose or claim to cure any mental or physical health issues and if you are working with a doctor or professional for any of the issues I mentioned, please do not stop seeing them. Tapping is an incredible self help tool and should be considered an add on to any professional help you are already getting. But I will say that when people add tapping to the care they are already receiving they sometimes can later reduce medications or treatment. But under the guide of their health care provider.   

Why I fell absolutely in love with Tapping! 

Because it truly empowered me to take control of my life again!  There are a number of ways it did this. 

First, because It is such a simple but powerful technique that can be done almost anytime and almost any place. As a busy single mom, I am sure you can relate to the fact that time is tight, we don’t have a lot of extra time for self care. I can tap in the car while driving to pick up one of my kids, I can tap in the shower for a few minutes, I can tap while I make dinner. I have been known to tap while walking through the grocery store. (I can show you a few ways that are a bit more discrete so people don’t think you have completely lost it). Being able to use it and fit it in throughout my day really helps to keep the stress levels down. Keeping my stress levels down allows me to feel more calm, more confident, and more present with my family. 

Minimizing my stress has been huge for me. But the one place I see the biggest changes in my life is from clearing the emotion attached to past memories. When I first started doing this work with tapping it felt so freeing to be able to think of a past memory that normally would bring up a lot of difficult emotions, and to no longer feel anything when I thought about it. That in itself was huge but what was so empowering about doing this work was when I started to notice that I was not reacting in the habitual ways I would normally react.  I was able to choose my actions more often and not just react in the same old ways I had always reacted. One of the biggest was with my kids. There were certain things they would do that would just trigger me and I would get upset with them and sometimes even yell. And in those moments I remember it just being a reaction so it felt like that was how I should react. As I got more into clearing away the emotions of past memories, I noticed that I didn’t feel triggered by the same things any more. I wasn’t just going into reaction mode. I felt calmer, I was able to think about how I actually really wanted to act in the situation. That is empowerment! I was empowered to choose and decide and not react! 

I still work at clearing away past emotions. I am sure it will be something I do for the rest of my life. But I definitely have a lot less memories that still hold emotions of the past. Sometimes, when I am feeling blocked in a certain area  I really have to search for those past memories. 

So let's do a quick recap of what we talked about today. EFT Tapping is a form of energy healing that uses the median lines and acupuncture points in the body. We tap on the acupuncture points while focusing on the negative emotion, memory or belief. It is often referred to as emotional acupuncture without the needles. 

Tapping reduces stress and overwhelm and it calms the survival part of the brain. It reduces Cortisol by 43%. This improves the overall quality of our life and improves our health and wellbeing in so many ways.

Tapping allows us to clear the emotions still attached to past memories. By clearing these emotions of the past we can make decisions and move forward to create the life we truly want to live.

We can also use Tapping to overcome self-limiting beliefs so we can break through the blocks that are holding us back in life. In The Tapping Mamas Empowerment Community we use journaling and mind mapping to help us discover what self limiting beliefs are getting in our way and then we use tapping to work through the layers of the belief and clear it.

Tapping has helped many people with PTSD, anxiety, depression as well as to overcome the cravings of smoking and sugar addiction. 

The reason I fell completely in love with Tapping is because it is a remarkable, powerful tool that is self-applied and so simple to use and can be used almost any time and almost any place. It empowers us to take control of our own lives and create the life we truly want. 

by Vicki M Pratt - The Tapping Mama