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The Transformational Journey of the 'Tapping Mamas'.

Pure Magic!!

The 'Tapping Mamas' Community and Membership was born from a desire to help other single moms transform their lives using EFT Tapping. One day while tapping I had an idea come to me that I needed to share EFT with other single moms. After experiencing such an incredible transformation myself using Tapping, I just know that it can help so many others just like me. I had a lot of experience and knowledge about EFT Tapping but I decided to get trained as an EFT Practitioner.  In order to reach as many people as I could I started writing a book but the vision quickly grew into so much more. I realized that the best way for me to help other single moms was to build an online community. A place to share Tapping resources specifically for single moms and for us to come together to share our experiences, support each other and work together to help each other heal, grow and transform using this incredible tool, EFT Tapping. 


The 'Tapping Mamas' Community area is the heart of the community. It is where we go for guidance and support if we need help, advice or have questions. It is where we connect with other single moms going through similar things we are. It is where we go to connect with other women that understand us and can relate to what we are going through. There is space for us to motivate and encourage each other. Best of all, this is the place where we get to share our wins and celebrate each others' transformations!


The 'Tapping Mamas' Membership area is full of tapping resources written specifically for single moms. These resources include tap along videos, tapping affirmations and meditations. You will have access to the entire members area so you can use the content as you need it. Together the group will focus on one topic each month with new content being added weekly. All of the topics focus on the needs of single moms and will help you work towards your transformation. We welcome member input and suggestions of topics they would like us to cover. We will have group tapping sessions and guest presenters that offer guidance and wisdom on the topic of the month.


Using EFT Tapping to calm our system and move the energy to release blocked emotions and issues so we can begin to truly heal.


Working through different topics we begin to remove the layers, layer after layer opening ourselves to incredible transformation.


Support, guidance and encouragement from our tribe keeps us motivated and strong when we need it the most!

Community and Membership Information

You get full access to all the EFT Tapping resources, including all the tap along videos, the tapping affirmations and meditations.  You get access to all the new content that is available each week as well as the monthly group sessions, webinars and guest speakers. There is additional tapping resources to help you develop your own tapping plan and to create a tapping Ritual. You also have access to a community area where you can ask questions, connect and talk with other members and celebrate your wins and transformation. 

Absolutely!! Cancel in the first 30 day and we will refund your money, no questions asked!

(There will be no refunds for the Founding Members because it is such a low price but Founding Members can cancel anytime before their next billing cycle to avoid being charged the next month)

There are currently 10 main tapping categories and each category has 3 to 4 topics. Each topic will have a tap along video, a meditation and tapping affirmations. Each month we focus on a different category, we will be adding 4 new topics to the category, having group sessions and guest speakers.



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This price is available for the first 50 founding members during our Beta Launch. Once we reopen the doors the yearly price will be $270 for all new members.   

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