One on One Tapping Sessions

90 minute EFT Tapping Sessions

Private sessions provide additional intuition, insight and safety to drill down and deal with the problem.

You get the added advantage of a compassionate, non-judgmental outside perspective since we can rarely see all sides of ourselves.

Plus, it is easy to shy away from distressing situations and we may not be able to go exactly where we need to go to uncover and heal the underlying issue.

For all first time clients, it is a requirement that you start with either a Package of 3 sessions which need to be within the first 30 days or a Package of 5 sessions which need to be within the first 60 days. After you have used all the sessions from your package you are welcome to purchase individual sessions if you wish.

The reason I start all new clients with a package is so you can really experience the incredible benefits of tapping. I feel it would be a disservice to you to sell you just one session.

Three 90 Minute Sessions


First time clients need to use all 3 sessions within the first 30 days.

Repeat clients can still purchase package deals and can then use them at the rate they wish

All 3 sessions are for the same client and can not be shared


Five 90 Minute Sessions


First time clients need to use all 5 sessions within the first 60 days. 

Repeat clients can still purchase package deals and can use them at the rate they wish.

All 5 sessions are for the same client and can not be shared


Single 90 Minute Session


Individual Sessions can only be purchased by repeat clients that have purchased and completed either the Package of 3 sessions or the Package of 5 sessions.


"I have been using (EFT Tapping) with Vicki for 2 months. The last few years of my life have been filled with many transitions, including physical and emotional health challenges. A few years ago I became ill and have been dealing with various health issues since. Vicki has coached and tapped with me on both my physical and emotional health. Tapping with Vicki got me in touch with past family issues as well as critical challenges I have faced in relationships (all linked to my emotional and physical body).

Vicki is truly amazing. In just one session, I was able to deal with some very specific emotional pain and in another, from feeling very unwell physically, to neutral. I went from 'highly charged' to 'barely there'! Vicki has a way of tapping me out of pain and into enlightenment.

​Thank you Vicki, I am so very grateful!!"

Selena Murillo
Life Coach

"I’m 69 and I haven’t cried, I mean really cried since I was in my twenties. I think it was because I was so hurt, angry, frustrated, blocked that I had built up this thick tough skin. Protection for my heart.

One of my intentions when I began tapping with Vicki was to become open hearted, soft enough to cry. Because I do need people, I do want connection, and I want to give and receive love. I’ve been exposed to tapping for a number of years and have gradually found myself more and more drawn to the process. More convinced of its efficacy. I worked with one coach briefly in Idaho and have done a bit of tapping with YouTube videos. But didn't seem to make much progress, get into it on my own.

I wanted to let go of energy and subconscious beliefs that were possibly blocking fulfillment and joy. What my experience has now proven is that in order to go deep it is really useful, comforting and vital to have someone with Vicki's skill and empathy going along with you on the tapping journey. Vicki is an excellent tapping coach. She senses just the right prompt that peels off another sticky onion layer of emotion. I trust her completely to be there for me.

And I’ve been crying - while tapping, reading children’s books to my granddaughter, odd and interesting things touch my heart.

Thank you Vicki I really appreciate your skillful, gentle, kind assistance. See you next week! "

Lindy Flynn
Retired Art Teacher

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